Confident business professional: Tamitio

If you want to surround yourself with things that radiate peace and clarity in the hectic business world, then the Tamitio is your number one choice. The stylish desk companion reliably masters those daily challenges and simply looks good. Its puristic look combined with minimalist design appears fascinatingly casual and confident at the same time. It’s in a timeless class of its own!

An elegant eye-catcher: Tamitio India Red

Writing pleasure with an individual touch: the Tamitio India Red presents the range’s classic minimalist design in a deep, vibrant red – a colour that has always stood for self-confidence, strength and positive energy. Whether you want to bring power and creativity into your home office or give your business look a personal touch, this elegant eye-catcher is the ideal companion in every situation. 


Stylish elegance: Tamitio Stone Grey

Thoughts flow to paper almost by themselves:
the appeal of the "Tamitio" writing instrument series is irresistible. In elegant Stone Grey, it captivates fashionistas and lovers of elegant writing culture alike. 

Racy, stylish, striking: Tamitio Black Edition

The consistently deep-black design of this series of writing implements raises the All Black trend to a new level.
Anything but monotone: in its deep matt black, the Tamitio is everything the connoisseur of high-tech modern writing culture could want. Its combination of minimalist design and deep black colour makes it a real focal point on any desk.

Staying organised in business life

Handwritten to-do lists not only provide a good overview of the tasks at hand, they have also been proven to be more memorable and to generate feelings of happiness through checking off completed items.
Conscious time management reduces stress and increases satisfaction in a demanding working life. For example, the "Eat the frog" method advises you to recognise the biggest challenge of the day and solve it right at the beginning with fresh energy so that you can then face the smaller challenges of daily business in a more relaxed manner. Your personal resources are spared and used throughout the day.