Variety and uniqueness

    The special fascination of these writing implements is due to the combination of high-quality rhodinization and a guilloche barrel. Rhodium is a precious metal that provides an extremely rigid and hard-wearing surface and, consequently, perceptible and lasting beauty.

    The intricate hand-engraved guilloche pattern on the barrel forms a sophisticated contrast to the polished cap and grip zone.


    Fascinating encounter

    The Guilloche writing implements are distinguished by a special process. Each one is engraved individually using a method otherwise reserved for jewellery or silver accessories. The result is a unique and most interesting surface texture, e.g. rhodium-plated, coloured or with herringbone pattern.

    Gift box

    The slender chamois-coloured gift box is wood-lined with dark brown wooden ends and is intended for the Intuition, Initio and Guilloche series. The magnetic catch opens elegantly to reveal the high-quality interior with the writing implement contained in a linen bag.