Intuition and Nature

    With its minimalist design, the Intuition Platino Wood stands out from the crowd. No threaded joint interrupts the pure design of the Intuition Platino Ebony and Grenadilla. The gently sweeping concave contours of the grip are evidence not only of the most careful workmanship, but also offer maximum comfort when writing.

    The warmth of the exotic woods is accentuated by the platinum-plated metal cap that completes the fountain pen and rollerball pen. The cap is decorated with the Graf von Faber-Castell coat of arms that can also be found on the end-cap of the propelling pencil and ballpoint pen. Due, not least, to the extra-large 18-carat bicolour gold nib, which is available in seven different widths, the Intuition Platino with its exotic wood barrel is a genuine collector's item of refined writing culture.


    Intuition and Nature

    Due to their slow growth, the certified exotic woods are very tough and therefore time-consuming in their manufacture. The gently gently curved depression for the fingers is evidence not only of the most careful workmanship, but also offers maximum comfort when writing.

    Gift box

    The solid wooden case in brown or dark brown is intended for the Intuition Platino Wood collection. Each writing instruments is presented in a chamois-colored linen bag and an attractive gift box. A chamoiscolored outer packaging allows the gift box to be transported safely.